General Information


Barry Lakes is a private Lake Community situated upon approximately 1000 acres of land and containing approximately 1200 home sites. It is located within Vernon Township, in Sussex County, New Jersey.


Since 1977 the Community has been operated by the Lake Community Property Owners’ Association, which is comprised of the property owners in Barry Lakes. In 1980, the LCPOA purchased the recreational facilities and roads from the developer. The facilities include five lakes, a playground, ball field, basketball court, beach house, beach area, and clubhouse. The Association owns approximately 13 miles of roads.




PARKING ON LCPOA PROPERTY - Parking permits must be displayed on a vehicle when parking on LCPOA property. Vehicles not displaying a parking permit will receive a warning notice. A second violation of parking without a permit can result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense. Parking permits and badges are available at the office.


GUEST PARKING - Members bringing a guest who will be parking a vehicle at the beach area must secure a guest parking pass from the lifeguards or office. If lifeguards are not in attendance and the office is closed, a note must be placed in the auto’s windshield stating they are a guest and include the member’s name.


HOME RENTALS - Per the Vernon Township Ordinances, short-term rentals are allowed with a proper permit. Notification must be given to the LCPOA when a home is being used as a short-term rental. bed and breakfast rentals are prohibited per the Township Ordinances.




As a property owner in Barry Lakes you are entitled to use all recreational facilities in the Community, your roads are maintained and you receive refuse pick up, provided you are a member in good standing. Pursuant to covenants recorded in your chain of title and various court decisions, membership is mandatory, and you are required to pay annual club dues and assessments.




The annual budget is presented to the membership for approval at the annual Designated Dues Meeting which is normally held in October of the preceding year. At this General Meeting the members vote on approval of the budget. Of course, only members in good standing may attend the General Meetings and are entitled to vote. There are two General Meetings held the second and fourth quarters of each year within the first thirty days of their respective quarters. All meetings are held at the Barry Lakes Clubhouse and notice of all such meeting is published in the Barry Lakes Newsletter, which is published quarterly prior to the General Meeting. Your name will be added to the mailing list so that you may receive the newsletter and any other correspondence in the future.




The yearly dues are broken down into four payments, which are due on the fifteenth of each month as follows: February, April, June and August. A statement will be sent prior to each due date. If payments are not received within fifteen days of the due date, a $25.00 late fee is imposed. You may pay your dues in full at any time, or take advantage of the four installments. Please note that if payment in full is received after the late date of a payment, you will still receive a late fee. Please see the By-laws for further information regarding dues, payments, collections, etc.




You are required to wear LCPOA badges when using any recreational facility or attending club sponsored functions. New badges and parking permits are given out on a yearly basis usually in May, and are current through May of the following year. You are also required to display a parking permit on all your vehicles when parking on LCPOA owned property, which includes, but is not limited to, the beach and clubhouse parking lots and LCPOA roads. You will be advised on this site and in the newsletter how and when to obtain new badges and parking permits.




Household refuse pick up is on Wednesday mornings. The sanitation company will pick up only three containers per household. Recycling is picked up every other week and includes glass, plastic, aluminum, tin, newspaper and cardboard. A printable pickup schedule can be found on this Website for your convenience. If the refuse collectors see any recyclable materials in your trash containers, they will not pick up that container. If the refuse or recycling pick up falls on a holiday, please put out the trash/recycling the next day as early as you can, or the night before since pickup begins at 6:30 a.m.




The LCPOA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, who are members in good standing of Barry Lakes. The Board of Directors/Trustees hold their meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse. All members are welcome to attend.


The Board of Directors and Trustees hold office for a two-year term. When a position on the Board opens up, it is announced in the newsletter, and also posted on this Website and the signboard in front of the clubhouse.




All recreation functions, meeting date, and announcements are posted on the signboard in front of the clubhouse, as well as in the newsletters and this website.


The Board of Directors invites your participation in the community. Help is always welcomed in planning and operating various children’s parties, beach activities, picnics, sporting events, etc. The quality of our community and community events are dependent upon the efforts of the volunteers of the community. If you have time, please try to get involved. Please call the office and have your name put on a volunteer list.


Any suggestions for improvements to the Community are always welcome and should be sent in writing to the office.


As a member you will have received a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws, which govern the Community. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations contained in them.






Tracey Smolder


Vice President
Chris Cooke


Noah Blanchard


Eileen Sciscoe


Legal Director

Mark Whitman


Road Director

Sergio Jakos


Buildings and Grounds
Gabriel Grigonus

Recreation Director
Brianna Wagner



Anthony Horler

Jon Tversland

Kat DeFabrizio



For dues payment or information




Any contractor who would like to bid on a project for the LCPOA must meet the following requirements:

1. Provide an insurance certificate showing evidence of liability, automobile & workers’ compensation Insurance.

2. Provide a Tax Identification or social security number.

3. If unincorporated, you must provide a Business Registration Certificate.

4. All contractors will receive a 1099 if you are not incorporated and make over $600.00.